Friday, October 21, 2016

What is tuck-and-point mortar repair?

After exterior walls have been structurally stabilized with steel pier pilings, Foundation Pro technicians repair masonry settlement cracks on the home in areas where we have worked. This service is called tuck-and-point and provided at no additional cost. With mortar and coloring agents, we seal exterior cracks in mortar joints, bricks and cinder blocks. This provides for the best cosmetic aesthetics and to seal the wall against water damage or pest infestation.

The goal of tuck-and-point is to match the original masonry of the home as closely as possible. This step often demands an artistic touch because tint and texture of masonry colors have a tendency to show changes over time due to curing effects and environmental factors. In many cases after our work it is difficult to tell the exact location of the repaired settlement cracks. Although we promise our best we cannot guarantee a 100% perfect color match on every job due to curing time of new mortar versus the original.  
We also can provide specialty mortar mixture and brands upon request.
Loose mortar is grinded out to prepare wall to be put back into position in the pier process.