Monday, July 31, 2017

How To Prevent Foundation Probems With A Soaker Hose Hose System

The dry summer heat in Arkansas can lead to structural foundation damage of our homes and businesses. In fact, there is a higher risk of foundation problems during this time of year. Hot temperatures and the absence of rain during droughts causes clay soils to become dehydrated and shrink. Eventually homes then shift and settle in the same direction that the soil moves. Homeowners can reduce the chances of foundation failure by watering the ground around their foundation walls.
The quick-and-easy steps in this blog will show how you how to properly set up and use an effective and inexpensive soaker hose system to help prevent foundation settlement.
For less than $100 you should be able to purchase the following items at your local hardware store.
You will need enough soaker hose (round black porous hose that weeps water)to extend around the perimeter of your homes foundation. Also you will need two Y splitters with shut offs, one battery operated timer and Teflon tape.

The first step is to wrap the Teflon tape around the threaded connections of the  Y splitters, timer and the water spigot of the home. This will lessen the chance for leak at the connections. Then install the first splitter to the water spigot. This will allow for usage of another water hose for other purposes. The next step is to hook the battery operated timer up to the same Y that was just attached to the spigot. Then attach the second  Y splitter up to the other side of the timer. This will allow for two watering soakers to go each way around the home.
Dig a trench approximately 2 to 4 inch deep and about 12 to 18 inches away from the foundation around the entire distance of the home. Lay the soaker hose in the trenches. Turn on the water and timer and you are all set to begin the foundation watering system.
Remember that too much water can cause foundation problems. The goal should be to help maintain a consistent  moisture level in the ground without over saturation.  In Arkansas, the soaker hose foundation watering system should generally be used everyday for about 20 to 30 minutes after temperatures exceed 90 degrees. During rainy periods it should not be used.
If you have concerns about foundation problems on your home call the experts at Foundation Pro at 501-753-1009 for a free inspection and consultation.


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