Monday, August 28, 2017

Settled Concrete? Raise it!

Settled concrete such as porches, patios, pool decks driveway and slab foundations can result in a loss of property value and unsightly trip hazards. Most of the time raising it with structural polyurethane is a lesser cost than concrete replacement. Foundation Pro’s poly concrete raising method has proven to be a cost effective solution to restoring sunken concrete.
How does it work? It's a simple 1-2-3 process. First we cut a hole into concrete the size of a dime. Next we inject two-part liquid polymers that form a chemical reaction underneath the slab. The structural polyurethane expands and strengthens under the slab into a high grade density. This allow it to fill voids, stabilize and compact loose soils and raise the concrete towards original design. The last step is to patch the concrete. We can also inject through tile grout joints or through flooring so that it does not have to be removed and replaced!
Foundation Pro’s poly concrete raising method is safe, quick and easy. The polyurethane cures within a few hours and typically jobs take a day or less to complete. Watch our video to see more about the concrete raising process.
For a free consultation with one of our experienced concrete raising specialist contact our office at 501-753-1009.

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